summer to do list

Summer!! We finally made it to the end of another school year. In case you’re already running out of ideas for what to do this summer or are looking for a few things to get you started, I have included a list below of 25 ideas for fun things to try this summer! Enjoy and be sure to leave your own ideas below!

  1. Attend/host a summer kick-off party!
  2. Eat ice cream with friends.
  3. Stay up all night (for fun, not to study).
  4. Complete a DIY.
  5. Read a new book (check out my summer tbr post for some ideas!).
  6. Reread your favorite book.
  7. Have a lazy day.
  8. Drink homemade lemonade.
  9. Have a tech-free day.
  10. Redecorate your space (bedroom, bathroom, desk area, etc).
  11. Go swimming!
  12. Roast marshmallows over a bonfire.
  13. Try something new.
  14. Eat fresh fruit!
  15. Go on a trip (even a short day trip by car works!!).
  16. Make tye-dye shirts.
  17. Visit the farmers market.
  18. Attend an outdoor concert.
  19. Go on a hike.
  20. Make popsicles.
  21. De-stress.
  22. Go on a bike ride (with family maybe?).
  23. Get your face painted.
  24. Have a picnic.
  25. Bake something yummy.

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