travel diary – playa del carmen, mexico

Day 1: Monday, June 12

The first half of today was all traveling. By six o’clock, my mom, sister, and I were headed to the airport and less than two hours later we had met up with my aunt and cousin, had breakfast, and boarded our flight to Cancun. For this week, we are staying at the Grand Riviera Princess in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Day 2: Tuesday, June 13


For our first full day in Riviera Maya, we decided to stay by the pools since it was an area we were already familiar with from walking around yesterday (Monday). As silly as it may sound, it is so warm here in Mexico! We are all spending as much time as possible in the pool. Fortunately, since the resort is all inclusive, we don’t have to pay for every drink. The fruit punch here (non-alcoholic, of course) is amazing! I have been bouncing between that and water all day. After dinner tonight we are going to see a Mariachi band play in one of the resorts plazas.

Day 3: Wednesday, June 14

fullsizeoutput_58eSince we explored the pools yesterday, we decided to go to the beach today! Since we were upgraded to a Platinum suite, we were able to access a special section of the beach that was much less crowded. We also found out that we can schedule a time to go parasailing! Hopefully, we are going to do that tomorrow. This afternoon we were able to paint a bit in a ceramic shop here at the resort! My sister, mom, aunt, and I all painted something different. I choose to paint a traditional Mexican skull. Tomorrow, we are able to pick up all the things that we painted. I know that my sister and I are hoping to paint more tomorrow. For dinner tonight, we were lucky enough to get a reservation at one of the restaurants, Le Fleur, a international gourmet restaurant. We enjoyed a full four course meal which was absolutely delicious!! My favorites included the chocolate brownie for dessert and the wonderful garlic chicken that I ordered for my main course. When we left the restaurant, we were surprised to see that there was a group of fire dancers in the plaza below. However, after watching them for 15 minutes, we were all so exhausted that we went straight to bed.


Day 4: Thursday, June 15

fullsizeoutput_58dAs soon as we were up this morning, my mom, sister, and I headed down to the beach so we could schedule a time to go parasailing! We went and had breakfast right afterward and then went to go swimming for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon, my sister and I went back to the beach to go parasailing. Admittedly, my favorite part was the jet-ski ride out to the boat we would take off from. However, parasailing was super fun and we could see so far! After parasailing, we jumped back into the pool to cool off a bit before returning to the ceramic shop. This time, we decided to do some smaller pieces. I chose to paint another traditional Mexican piece, a cattle skull. After painting, we went back to our suite to have some down time before we ate dinner at a seafood restaurant, Las Olas. After dinner at Las Olas, we got to enjoy a Mexican market in one of the plazas. My sister and I both bought handmade backpacks and necklaces!

Day 5: Friday, June 16


Unfortunately, today brought our departure from Mexico. We stopped to pick up our last ceramic pieces on our way out of the hotel. Then, we got on a shuttle to the airport and began the trip home. Between our shuttle, our delayed flight, the other shuttle, and the drive home, it was a long day of traveling. However, after nearly 14 hours of traveling, we made it back home to the beautiful Midwest.


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